Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Semi-Homemade Pizza

Did I forget the blog? Of course I did not forget the existence of this blog. Writers block..yes. Chef's block? Luckily no.I have been trying couple of recipes and it sure has worked out on the positive side. Not updating the blog has sure been nagging me for quite sometime. Well now that I am here..moving on to the recipe: Homemade Pizza. Should I say semi home made pizza as I used store bought pizza base?


Pizza Base -1
Tomato Marinara Sauce - 1.5 cup (I used store bought tomato and mushroom pasta sauce)
Onion - 1 if big, 2 if small
Peas - 1 cup (I used frozen peas)
Cheese - 1 cup (I used Kraft Mexican Four Cheese)
Olive Oil


Over the pizza base, spread the marinara sauce. Spread the cheese completely. Slice the onions thinly. Add the sliced onions and peas over the cheese. Pat it lightly so that it settles with the cheese. (By putting the onions over the cheese, I find that the onions caramelize better). Drizzle olive oil over the entire pizza. This helps caramelize the onions and gives a nice glow to the entire pizza. Bake the pizza in a 375'F oven for 23 minutes. Remove the pizza and allow it to cool for couple of minutes before biting into it. Pizza is ready and yummy!

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jayasree said...

Good to see you back here...Mouthwatering pizza.

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