Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Carrot Halwa

It had been a long time since I tried Carrot Halwa. The last time I tried was the recipe given in Mallika Badrinath's microwave cooking. It did not turn out to be as authentic as I wanted it to be. So when I saw the Carrot Halwa post of Jayashree, Kailas Kitchen fame, I was bent upon trying it immediately. The season for carrots has started in Pune and I thought what a timely post by Jayashree.

The difference between mine and Jayashree's is:

1. I grated the carrots in the food processor using the fine grating blade
2. I did not use cardamom powder
3. I reduced the quantity of sugar to 1/2 cup for 3 cups of carrot.

and I cooked the entire halwa on stove top.

Happy Cooking!!!

~ Ramya


jayasree said...

Ramya, thanks for trying my recipe.
It has come out well and glad that you liked it.

Valarmathi said...

i love this, looks yummy

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