Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lazy Posting

I just now saw the date of my last post. It is June 15th. I just could not believe it. Looks like I have been having a cooking block or maybe I have been too lazy to post. Or to tell you the truth I have been way too much traveling. I have been going on several small road trips. I had been to Malaysia and now am in Chennai. By next week I will be there in Pune and my life will hopefully get back to normal.

Yesterday I had gone to Nuts and Spices in Chennai. I was so delighted when I found microwave friendly muffin cups. I had been searching for such cups for quite a long time. Today am planning to make some muffins in the microwave. So let me see how soon I can post my microwave muffin recipe.

Do you ever have a cooking block? Or do you just call it a writers block?

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